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C303 - Deputy Chief-OPS - 2016 Chevrolet Tahoe Squad 384 - 2014 F150 12 CCSO Off Duty Deputy Oregon City, OR 97045 Or, navigate to another city or town within Clackamas County, to view the local police frequencies. Q2 Disregard, assigned to another agency 5Bxx K9 All rights reserved. FM305 - Deputy Fire Marshall - 2018 Ford F150 Rescue 121 xx is number permanently assigned by department. If available, see below for a list of known police frequencies for Molalla, Oregon. Engine 381 - 2005 Pierce Contender Engine 214 | Dive Rescue 214 | Battalion 1 | Wildland Response Brush Rig 214 This station employs 3 officers and 3 apparatus operators, one of each for each ABC shift, 221 South Pine Street Contract Cities Boring, OR X1 Person checked The 2-Net configuration may be switched to a 3-Net configuration outside the normal hours depending on operational needs and staffing availability. B100 Chief Engine 123 N1-Nxx Patrol Officers Collinson said Diamond had now interjected himself into the pool of people at the trailer park. When you dont even have the authority to detain somebody, how do you figure you can shoot them with a bean bag shotgun or tase them? Merrithew said. The Portland Police plan on attacking protesters . Volunteer Engine 312 - 1999 ALF Pumper App Support. The designators are always in this order to provide consistency among agencies. Beavercreek, OR 97004 Interface Engine 306 - 2019 Pierce Interface Engine, 6600 SE Lake Road Brush 311 - 1994 Ford F550 Protech Brush Rig, 19001 South End Road En route, he requested help from a Sandy Police Department officer trained with less lethal munitions. Engine-352, 2002 Pierce Dash, 500hp Cummins diesel, 1250 gpm single stage pump, 1000 gallon tank Use of and/or registration on any portion of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement, Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement, and Your Privacy Choices and Rights (each updated 1/26/2023). Latest news and headlines impacting the life of Clackamas County residents in Oregon. Visit our live scan fingerprinting locations in Oregon. It's a possibility, Multnomah County deputies seek potential victims of alleged cop impersonator, Portland police arrest man impersonating officers during street racing detail. Milwaukie, OR 97222 YouTubes privacy policy is available here and YouTubes terms of service is available here. Officials in Clackamas County, which includes Molalla, announced an overnight curfew on Thursday, and Sheriff Craig Roberts said he was stepping up patrols in evacuated areas and urged people to . During this time NET3 is not monitored by CCOM. Rescue 73 503-742-2606 There are no Molalla police frequencies in our database. T Premises checked Water Tender 310 - 2017 Pierce Tender K - King - CCSO Civil Deputy Engine 321 - *Volunteer* Police name driver accused of speeding in deadly Crashes / 3 days ago. Rehab 302 - 1992 Ford E350 Rescue, 9339 SE Causey Ave This feed includes all main dispatch channels for both agencies. Traffic is being diverted around the area as an investigation into the shooting gets underway. After the shooting, eight police patrol cars from Canby, Wilsonville and the Clackamas County Sheriffs Office were parked within yellow police tape surrounding a gold Mercury Grand Marquis with shattered back and front windshields. Brush 122 xx is number permanently assigned by department. D - David - CCSO Uniform Patrol Deputy Situated on South Shore Boulevard, this is the oldest of the Lake Oswego Fire Stations still in active service. The first digit primarily designates shifts, although they may also be used to designate various special units. Water Rescue 319 - He also shot Collinson in the arm. The contract offers the city an economical way to provide police services and allows the city to take advantage of efficiencies and specialized personnel that a larger law enforcement agency, like Clackamas County, has available. Station 210 is the busiest of the Lake Oswego Fire Station, with almost 80% of the 911 calls for Emergency Medical Services. Boyes attended the states basic police course four months after the shooting in November 2020. 4 Swing Unfortunately, all of those agencies moved their dispatch channels to encrypted channels which can not be monitored via a handheld scanner (not without proper encryption software of which owning could be a violation of law). It was just, like, an uncomfortable feeling but its clearly out in the public, and we cant just step away from me having this conversation with this suicidal guy with a gun in his hand.. W1 Assignment completed Engine 148 Our services are fast, easy, and convenient. Search official police call reports by date. 8 Traffic/Corrections/DA Los Angeles County CA. D10-D19 Free. Collinson decided he had to do something dynamic and tackled Diamond to the ground, according to his interview with detectives. Your status will not be checked. You may remain anonymous. Engine 212 | Boat 212 Water Tender 312 - 1987 Ford Tender, 18265 S Redland Road P - Paul - Oregon City P.D. Brush 331 - 2008 Ford Wildland 2-Net Configuration - Law 1 and Law 2 are staffed during the hours of 0300-1200 hours. If you have any frequencies that you have received recently in this area, feel free to email me at. D30-34 It is powered by 350hp Marine Power motor with Hamilton 212 pump. Brush 75, 13120 SE Ten Eyck Rd. R Report will be written (SN#28624) Also designed to run in white water and powered by an oarsman. We offer a nationwide network of 1200+ fingerprint enrollment centers that you can choose from to capture your fingerprints for an FD-258 card or Live Scan submission. Water Tender 381 - 2013 Kenworth, 320 N Molalla Ave. Happy Valley, OR 97086 Please either submit your local police frequencies or check for Clackamas County Sheriff radio frequencies. R90-99 Corporals/Sergeants HOME Molalla Police Department Website Community Rules apply to all content you upload or otherwise submit to this site. Gladstone Police Department Website Clackamas County Sheriff's Office | Clackamas OR A woman in the passenger seat had blood running down her leg, they said. W6 Peace restored A video posted on Twitter shows officers with their guns drawn surrounding a car and then the sound of shots being fired. Squirt 362 - 2003 Pierce Dash quint with a 61 foot Skyboom Medic 303 - Ford F-series Find the nearest Live Scan fingerprinting service location in Oregon. BC331 - 2009 Ford F350 As popularity in Twitter grew, some of the Portland area IPN reporters created @pdxalerts to alert people in the Portland Metro Area of these types of events in real time. Adel said Diamond stepped back, grunted and turned toward Collinson who then tried to tase him. It is motored by a 175 Sportjet and a Motion Marine lower pump unit. CCOM staffs two or three frequencies depending on the time of day. 503-742-2604 They indicate shift designator, agency designator and a district or assigned identifier number. Engine 311 - 2008 Pierce Impel Engine Water Tender 148, 10921 SE 172nd W - Willy - Medical Examiner / District Attorney The lawsuit notes Diamond was wearing a heavy sweatshirt, which prevented the taser probes from connecting. 503-742-2611 F60-Fxx LEOs Estacada, OR 97023, E390, 2020 Pierce Velocity - ALS / BLS Equipment, SCBA, Thermal Imaging Camera, Vehicle Extrication and stabilization equipment At least one of them was armed with a gun, they said. CODE 4 No assistance needed. 7 Reserves Theyre there to check on [Diamond] and make sure hes OK. And they accomplished that goal within about five minutes.. Chief 310 - Training Chief - 2016 Ford Explorer 38970 Proctor Blvd. Police Scanners. The sheriffs office said two people in a suspected stolen car were wounded and taken to a local hospital in critical condition. D20 Wild 82nd & 99E Side CCSO DISTRICT CALL SIGNS Medic 382 - 2019 Ford 550 Braun 6H40 CSO/Ordinance quickly issued a press release stating Diamond had pulled a handgun. Welcome to Scanner Frequencies - A Police, Fire & EMS radio communications database with around two million radio scanner frequencies spanning the entire United States. 503-742-2613 503-742-2612 Battalion 361 - 2008 Ford F350 pickup During this time NET3 may be used for car-to-car transmissions. Oregon Citd PD District Patrol Map. Merrithew, the familys lawyer, said the situation was resolved and the welfare check completed long before Collinson and the Sandy police officers showed up. This page was last edited on 27 March 2022, at 17:56. P100 Chief (503)266-1104 As I grabbed onto, what would have been, his right hand, I tried to grab onto his left hand - got it - got a piece of it. 4900 Melrose Street Deputy Adel continued this calm conversation for approximately 15 minutes, the lawsuit reads. Molalla, OR 97038 27689 S. Hwy 213 . Engine 71 Clackamas 800 Radio Group. E - Edward - Damascas/Boring Enhanced Patrol District Brush 313 - 2010 ALF Wildland, 22295 S Lower Highland 503-742-2610 Price. But a lawsuit filed Friday by Diamonds estate alleges police distorted facts in the case to obscure reckless actions by officers. D61, D64, D66, D68 Canby, OR 97013 Damascus, OR F10-19 Marine Units At that time, many of the emergency response agencies hadnt joined social media to provide information about ongoing incidents, and Twitter allowed the crew of scanner nerds at @pdxalerts to reach the public with this information. Boat 71, 24545 SE Firwood Rd. 300 B Avenue The Clackamas County Sheriffs Office did not respond to questions asking why officers stayed at the RV park once they confirmed Diamond was alive, but after more officers arrived, the situation with Diamond deteriorated quickly. Hood Meadows parking lot while wearing body armor and driving a silver Dodge Charger that looked like an unmarked police car and told security guards, he was a member of the Oregon State Police. 10 Search and Rescue Phone - 503-690-4911. Special Rescue 382 - 2008 Polaris Ranger, 17460 Bruns Ave. I would like to fill out my transaction information and to make payment online for expedited processing. Clackamas County Sheriff's Office (CCSO) CCOM Channels C-COM utilizes the new P25 800MHz frequencies for dispatch service. 3539, 2002 Dodge Ram Pickup, Squad-352, 1997 Ford F-350 7.3L diesel, 200 gallon tank, advanced life support, 4x4 Rescue-351, 1999 Ford, F-550, Boise Mobile Equipment, 7.3L power stroke, Hurst rescue tools, advanced life support Police Frequency Search Search by zip code On Sale NOW ! Craven said theyve had one person in the past year in the department of fewer than 20 officers start field training before going to the academy. 503-632-7013 Heavy Rescue 304 - 2005 Pierce Dash Heavy Rescue, 3200 SE Harrison Street Crew 30B - International Crew Carrier, 20100 SE Highway 212 Visit for more information of use Brush 330 - 2005 Ford Wildland 1.25 Meter Amateur Radio Band - 220 MHz - 225.000 MHz. R1 Original report Units on the 800MHz radio system normally use an alternate talk group for car to car transmissions during 3-Net operations. Medic 323 (Reserve) Y - Yellow - Specialized Patrol Deputies (All Agencies) Police Scanner Sub - 1 Year $39.99. Non-Emergency Dispatch | 503-635-0238 Engine 75 Battalion 303 - 2010 Ford F350 Super Duty PU, 18081 S Harding Road P10-Pxx Patrol Officers All frequencies are repeater outputs unless noted. She told deputies she had heard a gunshot while on the phone with Diamond before the line went dead. Water Tender 71 (ALL P25 NOW) 242 Listeners: Springfield Police and Fire, Greene County Sheriff and Fire Springfield Police dispatch Zone 1 and 2. Engine 314 - Pierce Impel The lawsuit names the city of Sandy, Clackamas County, two Sandy police officers and a Clackamas County Sheriffs deputy as being liable in Diamonds death. 5 K-9 Units/Medical Examiner In their statements, the officers said the electric shocks had no effect on Diamond either. I dont really feel great about this but at the same time, like, well see where this goes, Adel said he was thinking, according to a same-day interview with a Clackamas County Sheriffs Office detective. Water Tender 330 - 2003 E-One Tender 1 Graveyard C302 - Deputy Chief-Business - 2016 Chevrolet Tahoe P90-99 Corporals/Sergeants C382 (Command - Chief Officer) - 2003 Ford Avalanche B90-99 Corporals/Sergeants Brush 385 - 2020 F550 In-App Purchases. Engine 308 - 2017 Pierce Engine Air Trailer 129 Douglas Diamond, a retired Washington County Sheriff's Deputy, was shot and killed July 3, 2020 by officers conducting a welfare check at the request of his family. Need to verify - Boat 328 - Is a 16 Zodiac inflatable hull with a 60 Yamaha jet pump. Terminology Why We Say What We Say & What It ActuallyMeans. Collinson arrived at the same time as Sandy police officers William Wetherbee and Michael Boyes. L - Lincoln - Lake Oswego P.D. As he turned to go inside, Collinson yelled at Diamond to take his hands out of his pocket. Water Tender 75 503-742-2601 We are NOT an official agency & TWEETS ARE UNCONFIRMED. T - Tom - Wilsonville Enhanced Patrol District for Windows 10. 82nd Ave/Clackamas Cars Boat 28 gets used a lot more in the summer time when the Clackamas River is running low. Engine 330 - 2015 Pierce Pumper It can easily maneuver in the shallow water because of its sleek design and horsepower from the motor. 12-5 Transporting citizen, a destination and mileage should be provided. The station staffs Paramedic Truck 211 with twelve career personnel that work three separate 24 hour shifts. C-COM utilizes the new P25 800MHz frequencies for dispatch service. Chief 314 - Fire Marshall - 2015 Ford Explorer Google+, Clackamas County first responders begin the switch to a new digital emergency radio system, Project Status Emergency Communication System Upgrade (ECSU) Dec 2021, Project Status Emergency Communication System Upgrade (ECSU) July 2021, Follow up from Neighborhood Meeting for the Cooks Butte Site Addressing Concerns of Radiation from Radio Towers. The RV park wasnt Diamonds private property so he couldnt legally tell the officers to leave, but Merrithew said they didnt have any authority to detain him. Engine 310 - 2008 Pierce Impel Engine D1-D7 Boyes had been hired three months earlier and had not yet attended the states basic police academy. Each shift has a company officer (a lieutenant), an apparatus operator, and a firefighter. PulsePoint Click on the Gear icon, and select your desired agency. Theyve also not yet been publicly identified and the sheriffs office hasnt clarified how many were involved. Station 214 serves the neighborhoods north of Oswego Lake including First Addition and north to the Dunthorpe neighborhoods, and east from the Willamette River to Boones Ferry Road. Click here to see our wiki page for Clackamas County, OR, Click here to see FCC frequency listings for Clackamas County OR, Clackamas County Fire District #1 Tactical Ch-2, Clackamas County Fire District #1 Tactical Ch-1, Clackamas County Fire F-4 Patch to 153.890 (Polivka Hill), Clackamas County Fire F-2 patch to 154.190? Dashboards Mulino, OR 97042 xx is number permanently assigned by department. Sandy, Oregon 97055 213). Timothy Jacob Benz, 41, of Rhododendron, was arrested Saturday and lodged in Clackamas County jail without bail on charges of impersonating a police officer, felon in possession of a firearm. Fire Investigation Unit Diamond asked the deputies to leave several times during this conversation, but they did not because Collinson had instructed them not to.. Emergency Manager 301 - 2004 Ford Explorer Officers in Oregon have 90 days from the date theyre hired to attend the basic academy, assuming a position is available. @pdxalerts is not responsible for the content of the calls and has no way to verify that the information in the original dispatched call is correct, continuing, or translated correctly between the reporting party (RP), the call taker, the dispatcher, or the entity receiving the call (police, fire, medical). There are no Riverside police frequencies in our database. W2 Person Assisted Clackamas County Sheriff Beaverton Police Department Beaverton PD uses Service Net (referred to as "City Net") as their dispatch talkgroup, shared with Hillsboro PD from about 0100 to about 0600. Clackamas, OR 97015 (LOCOMM) C304 - Deputy Chief-OPS - 2016 Chevrolet Tahoe Milwaukie, OR 97222 503-742-2605 [, Washington County SO - Tactical Negotiation Team, Westside Interagency Narcotics Team (WIN) Tac 2, Newberg PD Dispatch (Law 1) (TRS Link to 45.42), Boring Fire 1 (East Clackamas Co Fire Ops 2), Boring Fire 2 (East Clackamas Co Fire Ops 3), Hoodland Fire 1 (East Clackamas Co Fire Ops 4), Estacada Fire 1 (East Clackamas Co Fire Ops 5), Sandy Fire 1 (East Clackamas Co Fire Ops 6), Sandy Fire 2 (East Clackamas Co Fire Ops 7), Newberg Fire Dispatch (TRS Link to 46.42), WC Fire Ops 38 Mutual Aid for TVF&R with North Marion County Communications (METCOM) units, WC Fire Ops 39 Mutual Aid With Yamhill Communications Agency (YCOM) Units, Beaverton Public Works 2/Special Projects, Beaverton Public Works 1/Special Projects, Beaverton Public Works - Community Dev Dept. 2D200 First Sergeant X2 Vehicle checked 16100 SE 130th Avenue We rarely block people, but if someone is engaging in behavior that we find offensive, then we reserve the right to exercise the block button. This system is being phased out. The Charger's license plate number is 849NVB and the Sequoia's is KK7TEX. Squad 382 - 2016 F150 Clackamas County Fire Department Frequencies Oregon Railroad Frequencies Clackamas County Police Radar Detectors & Clackamas County Police Scanners Detect police activity and stay ticket-free in Clackamas County with these police radar detectors. Heavy Rescue 305 (Squad) - 2017 Pierce Arrow XT 6720 6x4 walk-around (60 CAFS) (SN#30007) 8P Traffic Net 2 is a support frequency utilized for Law Enforcement Data System (LEDS)/NCIC requests, tow requests and other routine matters. Each shift has a company officer (a lieutenant), an apparatus operator, and a firefighter. Engine 210 | Medic 210 | Engine 213 (Reserve Apparatus) With a range of channel numbers and frequencies, users can stay informed by monitoring police, fire, and emergency medical services. C330 - 2013 Ford Explorer Sean Collinson and asked if the officers at the scene should back out since they had confirmed Diamond was alive. CODE 1 Routine call/response, contact; detail could be interrupted if another situation arises. 6F111 Officer In Charge 4555 Jean Road What was Collinson going to do once he tackled him to the ground? Battalion Chief 302 (North Battalion) - 2008 Ford F350 Super Duty PU Engine 313 - 2019 Pierce Engine Beavercreek, OR 97004 Put handcuffs on him and arrest him? Beaverton PD uses Service Net (referred to as "City Net") as their dispatch talkgroup, shared with Hillsboro PD from about 0100 to about 0600. Police Scanners, sorted by Reception Type, ascending. The Clackamas County Interagency Major Crimes Team is investigating the shooting with the countys district attorneys office. The station staffs Paramedic Engine 212 with nine career personnel that work three separate 24 hour shifts. Wetherbee was Boyes field training officer. And he was able to pull his left hand out of his pocket. 10-3 Stop transmitting Used by supervisors to advise a unit monopolizing air time. Battalion Chief 303 (South Battalion) - 2016 Ford F-350 7P79-99 Reserves T2 Found Secure T1-9 Wilsonville City Hall Address: Collinson told detectives he thought he had his gun out as he and the Sandy officers approached Diamonds home. Storage Only Cookie Settings/Do Not Sell My Personal Information. When we have spots we need to fill, we train people here before going to academy.. 3 Swing/Cover S2 No such address 2 die, 4 hurt when Subaru, ODOT . 7R20-39 Reserves Truck 319 - 2017 Pierce Aerial If we choose to block you just remember its not us, its you. Engine 317 - 2017 Pierce Dash CF 7010 PUC (1500/630/20F) Desiree Diamond, one of Douglas Diamonds two daughters, said the truth about what happened deserves to be known. ARTICLE CONTINUED. Wetherbee was carrying a less lethal shotgun and Boyes, who had only 20 hours of firearms fundamentals training three months earlier, was tasked with providing lethal cover.. Engine 1, 261 SE Fifth Avenue Water Tender 311 - 2017 Pierce Tender And it was certainly a big enough and bulky enough sweatshirt he could have had one or two handguns., In his interview, Boyes struggled to find the words to describe what he was thinking as less lethal rounds and the taser did not subdue Diamond. There is a separate Report Crime Dashboard for each of the Sheriff's Office's five service areas: unincorporated Clackamas County, Enhanced Law Enforcement District (ELED), and the Sheriff's Office contract cities of Estacada, Happy Valley, and Wilsonville. Brush 319 - What crime did he commit?. Ron Pulluconi. 8C1-8Cxx 503-742-2607 W8 Arrest/investigation made by another Agency/officer OPBs critical reporting and inspiring programs are made possible by the power of member support. S1 Can not locate person As always thank you for following @pdxalerts! Water Tender 124 Boat 319 -, 32200 SE Judd Rd. Engine 384 - 2016 Spartan Transformer 1880 South Shore Blvd 565 were here. Check out the latest job listings here. Public Notice Regarding Unclaimed Property Posted 10/26/2022. In addition to our daily crime log we also offer additional statistics, including aggregate year-to-date arrests by charge, and year-to-date statistics, including release reasons, arrests by agency, facility assignments, race, gender, and age. Engine-354, 1996 International 4900 Crew Cab, 1250 gpm single stage pump, 520 gallon tank, 15 gallon foam tank, advanced life support, 4x4 3509, Chevy Suburban, 4x4 Phone: 503-682-1011 N50 Detective xx is number permanently assigned by department. Water Rescue 308 - 2007 Pierce International 4400 Rehab 321 - 2017 Freightliner M2 106 / Pierce walk-around rescue (SN#29979). Cat 8 is propelled by an oarsman that the firefighters are also trained in. Boat 8 can carry 6-8 people with ease. Medic 386 Reserve - 2014 Dodge 3500 10 Meter Amateur Radio Band - 28.000 MHz - 29.7000 MHz. All rights reserved (About Us). Water Tender 324 Developer Website. C301 - Chief - 2019 Chevrolet Tahoe Engine 303 (2-122) - 2015 Pierce Dash CF PUC (1500/?/?) Clackamas County Communications (CCOM) provides emergency and non-emergency dispatch to most agencies within Clackamas County. Command 301 - 2003 Blue Bird Bus Interface Engine 309 - 2016 Freightliner M2 106 4x4 / Pierce (500/500/10F) (SN#30003-01 or 02), 624 7th Street 10-4 O.K./Acknowledged last transmission, 10-15 Enroute to jail with a custody, if X is used then the prisoner is of the opposite sex of the officer. 2D101 Chief Deputy The station staffs Paramedic Engine 214 with nine career personnel that work three separate 24 hour shifts. Sam Craven said. He would not take his hands out of his pockets except really quickly to whip the Taser thing out of there, he said when asked to explain why he feared for his life. B - Boy - Canby P.D. Police cars surround a vehicle after a chase and shooting Tuesday afternoon. Please wait. 5Pxx K-9 N90-99 Corporals/Sergeants Q Dispatch clearance codes, used by dispatch only. K10-29 Civil Units During the 3 Net Configuration NET1 is the primary frequency for Oregon City, Gladstone, Wilsonville, West Side, 99E, 82nd, Happy Valley, Transit Police, and Clackamas Districts. 3 May 1967 1 Truck 315 - 2003 Pierce Dash Quint The Department consists of 28 personnel: 24 sworn and 4 non-sworn support personnel. D8 Wild Westside & 99E Side This is a list of frequency bands to scan for active frequencies in your area. If you purchase a product or register for an account through one of the links on our site, we may receive compensation. Call signs are standardized among the different member agencies. 2 Meter Amateur Radio Band - 144.000 MHz - 148.000 MHz. The PIO is not responding to the scene. Engine 301 - 2006 Pierce Dash Engine Cat 308 - Cat 8 was designed to run the rapids of the upper Clackamas River, Sandy River and if needed Bull Run River. Need to verify - Boat 308 Almar - B308 is a 1999 Almar RAIV (Rigid Aluminum Inflatable Vessel).

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