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piper twin comanche yoke

(Weight savings of 250% under original metal cast emblem) L-3 Avionics ESI-2000 Trilogy electronic standby instrument Piper PA-30 B Twin Comanche : Horsepower: 160: Gross Weight: 3600 lbs: Top Speed: 178 kts You can customize your cookie preferences here. Posted February 6, 2023. However, the first is a twin-engine cabin aircraft powered by two 160-hp Lycoming IO-320-B1A engines in wing-mounted nacelles. The PA-30B Turbo Twin Comanche seats up to 5 passengers plus 1 pilot. [parts], [*parts All Twin Comanche engines have long times between overhaul (2000 hours for the B1A, 1800 for the IO-320-C1A)[14] and have developed a reputation for reliability. (He welcomes fellow pilots to his 2,300-foot strip, but does suggest calling ahead to make sure that the runway is in good shape.). Piper s sleek, roomy . INC. wants to extend to you an open invitation to stop in at our When compared with the Seminole, the Twin Comanche goes faster, carries more, burns less fuel, climbs more rapidly and ultimately higher, is quieter. [5], In 1966, the PA-30-200 was developed with two 200hp engines, the prototype first flew on January 16, 1967 but Piper decided not to put the variant into production. Posted February 28, 2023, IO 320 B1A core NO prop strike includes all accessories been setting 1500 TT Since new $6500, Telephone: The two rearmost seats, occupying the baggage compartment, are quite small. [5] The design was designated the PA-30 on the March 17, 1962 and named the Twin Comanche. We see every airplane in person, meet with the sellers, and come to understand the circumstances driving the sale. Piper Comanche FELLOW COMANCHE OWNERS AND OPERATORS: JOHNSTON AIRCRAFT SERVICE, INC. wants to extend to you an open invitation to stop in at our facilities and look us over. N7304Y. Leather control yoke covers are available for the majority of piston powered single and twin engine aircraft. Almost eight years ago, we made the decision to disrupt the process of finding and purchasing a personal aircraft in multiple ways. If you're looking for your first Twin Comanche, give me or my son Nick a call. WE LIKE, OWN, Designed to replace the Piper Apache, the Twin Comanche offers a speed-fuel-burn ratio almost unmatched in the light complex twin segment.