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November 20th, 2018. Once again, if the player disagrees, offer the more neutral alternative. OB01LAKA1S TOMB MAGIC FOUNTAIN This vaulted tomb is overgrown with moss and creepers. 0000004102 00000 n The changes appear in recent printings of the book. I heard a voice. Picture Information. 41 necrotic damage. It was a good idea, as the teams Athletics/STR scores are a glaring weakness. Wiz Kids Chief Yorb - Tomb of Annihilation Box Set 1 - Icons of The Realms - D&D - Dungeons and Dragons - Medium 1" Base Painted Plastic Miniature. Now they could fully investigate the room: Through some trial and error, the heroes learned that someone had to get into each of the three chests to turn the interior key. A Guide to Tomb of Annihilation (pay what you want), World Timeline Through the Events of the Adventure, List of Magic Items and their locations in ToA, Overview of plots and sub-plots in the adventure, All handouts for the adventure, courtesy of WoTC, All freely available maps from the adventure, Cellar of Death (module designed to begin the adventure), Printable Puzzle Cubes OR Puzzle Cubes v2, 3D-printable Puzzle Cubes from TinkerCad User SteveyB, The Tortle Package - official AL-legal playable race and a side adventure, The Ruins of Mezro - An entire campaign with support up to level 20, Google Spreadsheet For Generating A Lot Of Stuff, Karnivs-Treasures-of-Chult-50-New-Magical-Items, Raiders-of-the-Lost-Tomb-Chult-Adventurers-Guide, 35-Magical-Items-for-Tomb-of-Annihilation, Drax-Deadly-Plants-of-Chult-50-deadly-jungle-plants. Tree roots hang from the ceiling and the air reeks of rot and damp. Terms of Service - what you can, what you should not etc. Or He is only mostly dead. (Leads to: Cradle of the Death God) The heroes moved on. A rusted iron grate is set into the corridor floor. Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License 0000003695 00000 n 0000069273 00000 n 0000012191 00000 n Peeking in they could see a room with a sarcophagus, a large bronze disk with glaring eyes, and half a dozen corpses slumped in chairs around the room, wearing feathery masks. Your email address will not be published. It could just be a fun roleplay opportunity! Khaless filled her newly found mug, changing its sad face to happy, and aggressively poured the water down poor Orvexs throat. Examining the tomb, the adventurers discover it is not sealed and the lid can be lifted. After a long debate about a single-file marching order (Chidi, Andor, Vigrid, Ohgram, Chenin, Belethor, Billie) the heroes investigated the area: Here the statues were opposite each other in these alcoves and when the cubes were brought in, the oil basins beneath them lit up. They saw the Grand Staircase to the east, but opted to go west toward the Crystal Window. Nothing truly game changing, just a fun little side gag! Wipe your feet, enjoy your stay, please die horribly, etc. Adventurers are sought out and sent to the jungle peninsula of Chult, where they must face . Or fastest delivery Jan 19 - 23. This document corrects and clarifies some text in Tomb of Annihilation. Khaless, level 9 Half-Drow Assassin Rogue To the north of this room, a large fountain crusted with moss rises from the middle of a circular room. Finn invited Grunther to join the companions on their quest to find and destroy the Soulmonger, and Grunther was more than happy to accept. The heroes grand tour was finally over and a winner was declared, the heroes, slowly, and cautiously, entered Moas Tomb. This does introduce the possibility of killing a player who thinks he's out of danger, but the more dice, the closer the damage will stick to the average, and the increased danger will be offset by the sense of both drama and fairness. Billie investigated the sarcophagus and grabbed a staff lying on top. After a minute or so, the gas valves close, the stone block trapping them rises back into the ceiling, and the puzzle cubes are pushed out from their cavities in the door. Andor came back from a nap and did the Fan Challenge and he made it through unscathed as well. Now I just need to know what to replace it with. Browse through cards from Magic's entire history. However, I am different. Before descending any further, the adventurers decide to finish exploring the upper level. The spirit of Wongo encouraged Andor to drink from the fountain, which he did, and he doubled over in pain as he suffered from necrotic damage. /- ~<0=p%KS>}D Previously on Tomb of Annihilation Tomb of Annihilation Session 71: The Rotten Halls p1 Starring: JavaScript is disabled. p[XRiCpQ5Q .% endstream endobj 99 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/Index[5 47]/Length 20/Size 52/Type/XRef/W[1 1 1]>>stream Thus, it's up to the DM to (1st) understand the Tomb and how the traps work, then (2nd) find opportunities to foreshadow that information for the players. Having said that, I have no idea what that might be other than gender. The devils open mouth is a well of utter darkness. Thanks for all the ideas so far. It ran through the open mouth, and one of its fiery eyes winked out. As they are looking, they can see a skeletal figure with a curious, metal cap protruding from its skull. 0000063446 00000 n Chapter 2 [New] Mad Monkey Fever (pg. You know, I think I like that option best. The sage continues in Dungeon of Deception. View and manage file attachments for this page. Dozens of eyes suddenly opened all over the disk, all of them fixated on him. Investigating further, the adventurers discover a statue of Unkh behind a secret door. 0000015956 00000 n Not to be left behind, Billie drank from the well, but he got a benefit of 11 temporary hit points. A moss-covered corridor extends beyond the second door. A Death-Defying Adventure for Levels 1-11 An ominous iron maiden lie in the northern end with tubes and vials of bubbling blood. Finn raised his holy symbol and turned all the spiders to dust; the floating skull retreated to the back of the room where she was quickly dispatched by Dak and Nori. )'y;/c#SmdJOhl8 :zR%KGeM8E9." 0lMg2I/]/yA<5Ctl.Ip7K6b!KgI93t Whats happening indeed well find out next time! Billie also acquired the Staff of the Serpent here. Mannix called out another of the clues from the obelisk, Don the Mask or Be Seen! Therin swiped the mask from the corpse in front of him before stepping into the room. How did I get here? George impressively rolled a 20 when searching the room, finding another secret door opposite their own, leading to a northern hallway. 0000001693 00000 n When our group first started playing Tomb of Annihilation, the prospect of emphasizing the dangers of the jungle was very exciting.While in a typical region (like the Sword Coast of Faern), characters can generally expect to find a small town (and maybe an inn) within a day of travel in pretty much any direction and therefore will rarely face a situation where they have to forage for food . Gresh noticed writing on one of the stones. Behind it, they can see a dark passageway obscured by withered creepers. The heroes went downstream, found the Tringle-headed skeleton again, who immediately ran away from them. Failed the save. All with official Dungeons & Dragons digital content! 0000001527 00000 n While I think the rest of ToA is pretty garbage for a large part of it, so far the Tomb itself has given us some of the best roleplay opportunities and events. They then headed north through the other hidden door, easily passed the magnet puzzle with a dispel magic, and found the fountain. Dungeons & Dragons and D&D are property of Wizards of the Coast LLC in the U.S.A. and other countries. Other cards in this SET. It did so, and the other fiery eye disappeared. Secret doors were found to the north and to the south. 0000015732 00000 n Nori examined the sarcophagus, and Koopa approached the crystal box. Koopa drank water from the fountain, and felt pretty ill afterward. Finn used his slippers of spider climbing to reach the stone door. He felt its nervousness gradually seep into his own personality. The bashed their way through and crawled into the room as the wight-corpses rose to attack. And they only reason the heroes found the 9th one was because that cube (Unkh) when in this tunnel, illuminated the edge of a secret door at the far end of the tunnel. The party spent a long time deliberating on how to handle this situation, with Mannix in favor of attacking them now. We think you'll have a much more enjoyable experience. Opening the chests, the adventurers hear a click. Exploring further, the adventurers discover a secret passage leading down to the stream they saw through the grate. My players are scared, they are debating trying to teleport out to regroup. Trying to open it, Yareck sticks his finger in the keyhole. He laid bleeding out on the other side of the fan where Billie had to go back, heal him, and get him through. Dak, Finn, Koopa, Gresh, and Nori brought the name "Falon" to Candlekeep, where Gresh's wife, Alyssa, told them what she knew of him: "Twenty years ago the famous explorer Falon T'selvin contracted his adventuring band to a mysterious mage perhaps this was Desatysso? In the meantime, Belethor, Chenin, and Vigrid leveled up. It will be tempting to drink again to get back to peak performance, but not mandatory. Now that they were done in this room, the heroes headed back through the fan to get back to the others. She took a for-real drink, and the same acid-water that George experienced took effect (though she also made the CON save). They were leery about ducking inside, so Mannix summoned his frog statue and commanded it to enter. Gresh remembered Acererak's riddle on that stone outside the tomb (The keys turn on the inside only). He found a stone door blocking his way, an iron lever set into the door, and a stone skull leering down from above. The party investigate the stone skull and realized there was an entire room beyond it, with the mouth acting as a short tunnel-door. Obsidian Portal has a lot of really cool features that use JavaScript. The dead seemed to outnumber the living these days. Finn explored down the left hallway instead, checking for traps as he went. Andor smashed through the sarcophagus and the mummy was quickly put down, but not before it hit Andor with a Rotting Fist attack. While Dak threw a rope down to Koopa and helped the tortle out of the pit, Finn reset the trap, jammed the pit closed, and opened the stone door. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Lets Play Ori and the Will of the Wisps #3, DMs Guild Review Scourge of the Nightingale Part 1: A Song of Love. Watch the full live session here: Finn stopped them. 0000004484 00000 n After going through the half-orcs pockets and saying a prayer, the heroes went through the magnetic room (taking all metal items off) and from there headed north to the Magic Fountain. Groups who really don't like wilderness exploration (hex crawl) and puzzles. Finally Mannix agreed to drink but only if Khaless drank first, and only if she received the positive effects that Orvex did. Hundreds of skulls crusted with dried mud glowered from niches cut into the walls of the next room. A bas-relief carving of a green devil's face adorned the wall at the T-shaped intersection; the devil's open mouth was a well of darkness. Day 176 The heroes reached the entrance to the Tomb of the Nine Gods with Nine Puzzle Cubes in hand. Meanwhile, inside the chest, Yareck casts dispel magic, dispelling the magic powering the magical trap on the chest, thus freeing himself. As the party discovered, the trickster god possessions arent all bad you gain a new power as well as a new personality flaw. And then the dungeon turned into a window shopping adventure, where the heroes just looked around at a bunch of rooms but never went in any of them. A sibilant voice whispers in your ear: Let me help you! Immediately, all of the eyes on the bronze disk turn to them and the corpses on the thrones begin to rise. They all tried to pressure each other into drinking to witness more of these effects. The keys turn on the inside only. I've decided to just take that feature out. But while he was investigating the next room, Ohgram decided to try himself. The cover is visually disturbing . We use necessary cookies to allow our site to function correctly and collect anonymous session data. 0000062635 00000 n This vaulted tomb is overgrown with moss and creepers. In the eastern hallway they saw a diminutive skeleton with an oddly elongated head. You are using an out of date browser. Behind the sarcophagus, resting atop a marble pedestal, is an ornate crystal box with a small humanoid skull floating inside it. Gatherer is the Magic Card Database. I think the idea behind that entry on the chart is that, like, the player won't like the change and will drink again and again to get it to change back, which is lots more chances to get poisoned. Here they looked in through a thick window and saw a stone sarcophagus with six corpses sitting in thrones, as well as a skeleton with a triangle-shaped thing on its head. This means if they die inside the tomb, they can never leave. 0000069534 00000 n Eventually, the characters realize that the stone slab they heard falling was the secret door they discovered in the chamber with the bronze disk covered in eyes. Wearing a mask that is a replica of the devil face at the tomb entrance, the creature steps out of sight without saying a word. Noticing that the area of the mouth is obscured by magical darkness, the adventurers dispel it, releasing a shadow demon. A large fountain dominated the center of the room, with three marble maidens holding pitchers out of which the water flowed. 0000015845 00000 n I'll instead have it reduce a character to dying with one auto failed death saving throw. Here Billie poked his head into the jaws of a giant stone skull at the end of the hallway to look into the next room, where he saw a stone sarcophagus, with a crystal box and humanoid skull inside of it. You can help our automatic cover photo selection by reporting an unsuitable photo. All she could offer to aid the adventurers was a map that showed the location of the tomb in the Snakewood, about a week's travel east of here. This terrible undead creature awoke, bursting out of the crystaline sarcophagus to attack! I run the Discord server and am a mod on the Reddit sub. Manufacturer: WizKids/NECA. Uncertain what to make of the chests, the adventurers descend into the pit, recover the skull cap of the skeleton and move on. After Koopa and Dak returned to the rest of the party, they explored down the eastern hallway. The door to the north led to stairs and the underground river, but once again the adventurers refrained from going the water route. At one point George suggested ripping the eyeball disk free and using it on the dwarves, despite not knowing what it actually does. 7/23/2021: Dungeon cards may be put into a player's command zone using the venture into the dungeon keyword action found on some cards from the Adventures in the Forgotten Realms set. How about it switches their subrace? Undeterred by this, Chidi drank from it as well. 0000014707 00000 n Instead of breaking through the window, George and Therin lifted up the nearby iron grate, and the party began dropping down into the claustrophobic water tunnel below. If you want to discuss contents of this page - this is the easiest way to do it. They then watch in horror as his body is sucked into the chest and the chest is dropped into the water. View wiki source for this page without editing. The rest of the companions took cover while Koopa hurled his dwarven thrower at the window, shattering it. Quickleaf, that list is fantastic! Coughing from the noxious gas, the adventurers cover their mouths and wait for the gas to clear. This is the first official adventure I ran (thus the insane amount of resources on this page). The major heroes had plenty of health to jump through, but Ohgram.attempted this with only 5 hit points. I did have to house rule a use of Shield spell to prevent an early death by firetrap in Camp RighteousI still agonize over my weakness Two choices. The middle of the room held a sarcophagus with a serpent on the lid, but his eyes were drawn to a glass box containing a floating, flaming skull. Closing the lid, they hear a similar click to the one they heard before. Join us live on Fridays at7pm Pacific/10pm Eastern! Extra-planar evil is trapping the souls of the dead with a "Death Curse". After a scan of your list, I am thinking of another approach. Ultimately they decided to back away and leave them alone, for now. Plus, sign up for the newsletter in order to get the latest info on Dungeons & Dragons products, events, and special offersand help stay informed! Emboldened by the result, Gillian lapped up some water while Mannix tried to investigate the effects on Orvex. Unfortunately, it becomes more and more frantic. During that time for rituals are time consuming a flesh golem came into the chamber and hurled itself into the pit with Dak and Nori! Drinking from the fountain, Yareck finds himself magically transformed into a woman. There's a lot of that, and your time in-game actually matters in this campaign, so prepare to manage your . Again he stopped and searched, rolled a 20+ Perception (this is George, not Mannix mind you), and spotted yet another secret door on the side of the hallway, leading down darkened stairs. Discovering a pair of secret doors to the north and south, the characters decide to explore the passage to the north. APEuAAAAX n>WL,VePaCp @7/bXqWf$lf-`O`+aTm3u^ The cleric took a drink and was silenced for 8 hours, and decided to drink more in order to try to undo it. While Koopa ripped up the grate, Finn looked through a glass window at the end of the hall into the next room, but it was dark and he couldn't make out much more than a sarcophagus in the center of the room. (. The keys turn on the inside only. Since that has no bearing on health, stats, or really anything other than RP, it really just seems to be in there as a gag (I'm aware that a similar feature exists in one of the portals in the Tomb of Horrors). Speak no truth to the doomed child. Andor first and then Billie crawled through the skulls mouth, and wisely Chidi stayed back as he saw both lights from the eyes of the skull go out. LOL. To the north, the adventurers discover a slab of worked stone, whose edges are marked by relief carvings of skulls. JavaScript is currently disabled. $3.99 delivery Jan 20 - 24. Las mejores ofertas para - Tomb of Annihilation (Dungeons & Dragons) por Wizards RPG Team estn en eBay Compara precios y caractersticas de productos nuevos y usados Muchos artculos con envo gratis! Knowing my group, I am considering just telling them where the 'danger zone' is: * Although I normally roll behind the screen or take the average, I think in these cases i will amp up the drama by doing the insta-kill damage rolls out in front of everyone. 0000037503 00000 n %PDF-1.4 % Once the swarms and the flameskull were dealt with, Billie explained that he was con-inhabited by the spirit of Moa, one of the Nine Trickster Gods, who gave him the power of Invisibility but forced him to tell the truth always. 2023 Wizards. As he does so, the other adventurers hear what sounds like a stone slab slamming into place. Chidia decided to drink again and lost her voice. Near the base of the cliffs, the adventurers discover a fifteen-foot obelisk of cracked stone, draped with vines and black moss. Casting detect magic, the adventurers discover that the water radiates transmutation magic. They were being watched. Dak retrieved its triangle-shaped skull. He had to get in on this weird action. Chasing after the creature, the adventurers eventually defeat it, retrieving its skull cap. 0000028877 00000 n You could shrink them maybe, but I think they might refrain from drinking so as not to be shrunken more. When he called back to his comrades, the skeleton ran away down another hallway. Casting detect magic, the adventurers discover that the water radiates transmutation magic. Create your D&D Beyond account today, and start using the guided character builder. Yeah, this isn't really a great adventure for players who want a forgiving environment! Through great use of the Wand of Fear the heroes were able to narrow down the wight attackers and whittle them down one at a time. This poor, old woman had lost a leg inside the tomb, and she was so traumatized by the experience that she couldn't say much other than the fact that she'd lost her faith and could no longer cast cleric spells, and her leg had been crushed by a stone skull inside the tomb. D&D Compendium is not affiliated with, endorsed, sponsored, or specifically approved by Wizards of the Coast LLC. Carefully traversing the hallway, the characters manage to avoid several poison dart traps as they approach the devil face. He proceeded to gather up all the masks from the corpses and pass them out to the rest of the party as they entered Obolakas Tomb. Afraid of the fountains other potential powers, the adventurers return to the previous chamber, using a wall of stone spell to prevent the statue from destroying anymore of their equipment. Search for the perfect addition to your deck. 0000049357 00000 n Three marble maidens stand in the fountain holding pitchers out of which water flows. She nailed a nat 20 on the Thieves Tools roll, opening the chest and gaining a hefty sum of cash, a magic smiley-face mug, and some 3rd level spell scrolls, two of which I randomly rolled as bonus loot.

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